Lindsay Lohan has made a vow of sobriety following her court-order stay in a rehabilitation facility, claiming that she never wants to see a drop of alcohol ever again. As reported by TMZ, Lindsay is so determined to make sure her attempts at full-time sobriety go as planned, that she plans on having all traces of alcohol removed from anywhere she intends on visiting, be it a hotel, film set or even a friend or family member's home.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay has taken a vow of sobriety, but how long will it last?

Lindsay has had a long and well-documented relationship with booze, and you can forgive us for thinking 'we'll believe this when we see it,' but so far it looks as though the 27-year-old is sticking to her alcohol-free plan. The actress reportedly checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel last week and had the staff remove all traced of alcohol from her room before she arrived. Similarly, her recent co-hosting job on Chelsea Lately... was a booze-free occasion, with the actress asking that her dressing room only be filled with non-alcoholic beverages. So far so good then.

The Canyons Still
Lohan with co-star James Deen in The Canyons

In addition to getting out of rehab, Lindsay has also had her latest film released on a limited run in parts of America. Directed by Paul Schrader and with a screenplay from American Psycho scribe Bret Easton Ellis, the erotic thriller The Canyons has so far had critics split, with some saying that the film manages to be trashy but intriguing, while others say it's just plain trash. The good news for Lohan though is that her acting has been given some credit by a number of reviews, although many pointed out that the wooden performance of her co-star, porn star James Deen (yep, the guy who got down and dirty on film with Farrah Abraham), would have made any actress look good.