Quick! Someone print Lindsay Lohan one of those “I’m With The Band” t-shirts. According to TMZ, the beleaguered young actress has been behaving like a super-groupie, following English / Irish boy band The Wanted around and even travelling in the tour bus with them, between shows. It seems that her recent brush with the law (‘which one?’ we hear you cry!) hasn’t put her off hanging out with the boy band, who seem to be encouraging her presence and Max even admitted inviting her backstage at the Philly Jungle Ball last night.

It was Max that was reported to have been at the centre of Lohan’s recent nightclub bust-up. She was arrested for assaulting another girl in the club and rumor has it, it was all over Max George. According to TMZ’s source, Max “doesn’t mind having Lindsay around” but stressed that the two of them are definitely not a couple, as some media outlets have been hinting. He “doesn't want a girlfriend, and is a single guy,” apparently. Still, Lindsay seems pretty keen to get her claws into him. Or maybe one of the other members of the band.

In fact, in the pictures published by the Daily Mail, she can be seen sharing a joke with Max’s band-mate Tom backstage at their gig in Boston last night (Thursday December 6, 2012). Clutching a packet of cigarettes, Lindsay looks to be in high spirits, walking between the pair, as Max looks on nonchalantly. Max recently split from his fiancée, British soap star Michelle Keegan, back in August.