Who to hire first? A therapist or an accountant? That’s presumably what Lindsay Lohan’s trying to figure out right now as her bank accounts have reportedly been seized by the IRS. Add to this the news that she is downing two litres of vodka a day and things aren’t looking peachy for Lindsay Lohan right now. Actually, we can’t remember a time when things were looking peachy for Lindsay Lohan and frankly, if she’s downing two litres of vodka a day, we doubt that she can remember much at all.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the IRS got tired of waiting for Lindsay to sort out her unpaid taxes so decided to take matters into their own hands and have seized pretty much every cent that the actress has to her name, it would seem. It’s worth remembering that her Scary Movie 5 co-star Charlie Sheen recently took pity on the Liz & Dick star and chucked $100,000 in her general direction, to help pay off the debt. Just how much does Lindsay owe, then, if the IRS haven’t considered that enough to convince them that she’s getting a handle on her financial affairs? She reportedly earned $2 million this year.

As for the reports that she’s drinking two litres of vodka a day, we’re inclined to think that that story is one hell of an exaggeration, or we’d wager that Lohan would no longer be with us. There’s no denying that Lohan’s still got problems, though. Here’s hoping the 26 year-old gets the help she needs to straighten herself out, once and for all.