Both Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen have been in the press lately for far less negative nuggets of news than normally befalls them. Sheen became a magnanimous philanthropist by giving Lohan $100,000 to help pay off her tax debts. And Lohan has been kind-of romantically linked to Max George of The Wanted.

Lindsay has been seen with The Wanted boys at three days of their Jingle Ball tour in Philadelphia, Massachusetts and New York. George spoke to a New York radio station about their relationship with Lindsay: "I think we've proved to ourselves, if we can stay out of trouble and keep her out of trouble this week, then we're obviously outstanding citizens of the community, and we've managed to do both, so I'm quite proud of that." Jay McGuiness, another member of The Wanted, added, "Aside from the first night (when she was arrested)." While speaking positively about the young red-head, George implied confirmation that she's drinking again, reported SFGate, saying: "She always brings vodka to the table, that's definitely one thing. It's fine. She's good company." 

Sheen's philanthropy, while we all revered him for such a good deed, has apparently gone unnoticed from Lohan who hasn't even thanked him reports the Examiner. "I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you.' Anything, you know?" He said, "I wish her the best. She just needs a little bit of time ... People need to give her time to get her sh*t together."  Hopefully with the kindness Lohan is receiving from both Sheen and George she can 'get her sh*t together' in time to save her life and career.