It’s been an embarrassing week for Lindsay Lohan. After publicly questioning why Amanda Bynes’ recent driving offences hadn’t been punished as harshly as her own past misdemeanours, Lohan had clearly troubled the gods of fate, as she was arrested for allegedly striking a pedestrian with her Porsche outside a New York nightclub. Now, the tire company Goodyear have clearly decided that both Lindsay and Amanda are both as bad as each other and have sent them almost identical letters, offering them free driving lessons.

TMZ have obtained copies of a letter, allegedly sent by a representative for Goodyear, offering to fly the two hapless actresses to Akron, for private, one-on-one driving tuition, in attempt to reduce these Lindsay Lohan arrests and Amanda Bynes DUI incidents. The letter addressed to Bynes begins by saying “We’re sorry to hear about your latest driving mishap. We understand that you’ve struggled behind the wheel before and that driving can be a real challenge… As a public figure, the spotlight is always on you and it’s even more important for you to know the basics when getting in the driver’s seat… We’re concerned for your safety and the safety of those who hit the road each day and we’d like to help out any way we can.”

The cheeky communications rep also offered the services of their dealers to replace her tires to some of Goodyear’s top of the range ones. As yet, it’s unclear whether or not either Amanda or Lindsay plan to accept the offer.