Quite often, it seems, Lindsay Lohan is wanted... for crimes. These crimes include DUIs, theft and more recently, hitting a woman in a club in New York. Now though it's LiLo that's wanting, and what she wants is Max George from The Wanted. However, while a few years ago everyone may have jumped at the chance to date LiLo, her poorly judged escapades over the past few years have effectively black listed her, and he is simply not interested.

TMZ report that she was 'hanging out' with The Wanted, backstage at the Jingle Bell Ball, but apparently, Max has denied any association with her, claiming that he didn't invite her and in fact had no idea that she was even going to be attending. The fight that Lohan had last week with Tiffany Mitchell was reportedly about her speaking to George, but fellow The Wanted member Jay McGuiness says that's not true. 

"It's a bit of a blur actually, but some sort of scuffle with a fortune teller," he told MTV, "It was very odd. We actually carried on partying after that. It was reported that [the fight] was about Max, but I don't think it actually was." He even went on to describe her as a 'sweetheart', which is probably the highest praise she's received since reviews for The Parent Trap came out.

Anyway, her behaviour towards George has been described as 'stalking', but unfortunately for her he's only just got out of a relationship and not looking for anyone else. Sorry LiLo, better luck next time.