Well, Lindsay Lohan's world has just got that little bit weirder. The Hollywood actress was arrested on Thursday (November 29, 2012) for allegedly punching another woman in the face at a nightclub in New York. According to TMZ.com, Lohan screamed something along the lines of "give me my space" to her eventual victim, though it seems she had other reasons for the bust-up.

Sources say Lindsay punched the woman over Max George from the boy band The Wanted, who was previously dating the British soap-star Michelle Keegan. Lohan had been to the Justin Bieber concert at Madison Square Garden - but not to see the teenage Canadian in action. She had her sights set on Max, who had opened the show with his band. She tried to get backstage afterwards but was blocked by security though managed to find Max, Jay and Tom at a hotel bar later in the evening. The four of them - along with one of the actress' friends - headed out to club Avenue together but not before Max was swarmed by adoring female fans, even kissing "a few."

As the evening wore on, Lohan became "drunker and drunker" and caught Max speaking to the woman who she eventually set upon. According to sources at the venue, Max was turned off by the fact Lindsay was "sloppy drunk" and she eventually wound up in jail. The boy band star seemingly referenced the incident in a tweet, telling fans, "eventful night!!"