Will Lindsay Lohan really vote for Mitt Romney at the U.S. Presidential Elections in three weeks’ time? Granted, it’s probably not the question on everyone’s lips at the moment, though we thought we’d ask it anyway: just for the hell of it.

The troubled actress raised a couple of eyebrows last week when she revealed Mitt Romney was likely to get her vote at the election. During a frenzied red-carpet appearance, Lohan was asked everything from her current relationship status to her hair color, though it was her answer to a fairly innocuous question about the elections that made the headlines. No doubt the reporter anticipated that Lohan would pledge her allegiance to Obama and be done with it, though – shock horror – she threw her support behind Romney. Her reasons? “I just think unemployment is really important, so as of now I think it's Mitt Romney…As of now,” she said. So it looks as though there’s still time for President Obama to twist Lindsay’s arm, though we’re not sure if he’ll be too bothered. According to the New York Daily News, the actress isn’t even a registered voter, with Angie Comer of the Los Angeles County Registrar saying, “Her status is inactive. She did not vote. Her records would be there…She could go to her old voting place if she wants to vote in this election or there's an option to update her registration online.” So that’s that then.

President Obama seems to have the backing of pretty much everyone else in Hollywood – Brad Pitt, Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, you name it – though the election is likely to go down to the wire.