Linkin Park star Chester Bennington's side project with Stone Temple Pilots looks set to become a semi-permanent thing - he's keen to perform as Scott Weiland's replacement and his new bandmates are very happy to have him.

Bennington surprised fans when he stepped up to perform with Stone Temple Pilots at Los Angeles radio station Kroq's annual Weenie Roast in May (13) and he fronted the band again at the annual Map/MusicCares Fund Benefit Concert on Thursday night (30May13).

And he tells Rolling Stone magazine that he's more than happy to front two major U.S. rock bands at the same time.

He explains, "When you get together and put a new piece in, there's a whole different energy. For us, the creative juices have just been flowing. We've been writing, we have tons of great ideas. Next week we're going back in the studio and hammering out some more music.

"We don't have a label. Everything we're doing is on our own, so we're just taking it one track at a time. We would love to sit down and hammer out a record, but the reality is we're gonna make music, we're gonna make a lot of it, and we're gonna be in a position to release a single at a time, go out and really give people music the way they want to get it.

"It is a good position to be in, and for us, all we care about is going out, making the legacy as great as it needs to be, as great as people expect it to be, and coming out with new music that lives up to that standard."

And his new bandmate Dean DeLeo is thrilled to have Bennington onboard following months of drama with former Stp leader Weiland. He says, "It just came about very harmoniously... Very natural."