The rumour of the Friends 2014 return is doing the rounds again and seems to be as unfounded as ever. Fake reunion movie and episode posters are once again circling the internet and simultaneously driving hardcore Friends fans wild as well as provoking a collective cry of "just let it go already!!"

Jennifer AnistonDavid Schwimmer
The 'Friends' Reunion Rumours Seem To Be Unfounded For Now.

Fans of the show are divided into two camps: those who salivate at every tidbit of reunion gossip, ready to jump back on the sofa for those first jangly strains of 'I'll Be There For You,' and those who for whatever reason, feel the franchise is best left at its rather neat finale which aired in May 2004 and are perfectly content with their Burj Khalifa-rivalling skyscraper of all ten Friends box sets.

Of course, the reunion rumours would be particularly fierce this year as 2014 marks the ten year anniversary of the sitcom's original finale. The current internet frenzy has been fuelled by yet another fake poster that reads "Friends 2014: The One After The Ten Year Break" which seems to have been designed by a British blogger.

Courteney CoxMatthew Perry
Slightly Re-Hashed Fake Movie Posters Circulate The Internet Every Year.

The sought-after reunion news has raised the hopes of those in reunion Camp A; hopes that were quickly dashed after the dodgy Photoshop amalgamation of the cast's faces and the different logo type-face were identified by eagle-eyed internet users.

The rumour is, as usual, unfounded upon any word from the show's core cast, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courtenay Cox and Matthew Perry. In fact, last year Lisa Kudrow was forced to speak out against the suggestion of a Friends movie, denying that there was ever such a thing in the works. "Well, I knew there wasn't ever a movie. There was never a Friends movie. Ever. So I've always known it's not happening," Lisa explained.

Matt LeBlancLisa Kudrow
Apparently, There's No Plan In The Pipeline To Reunite The 'Friends' Six.

Around Christmas, a story spread that Jennifer Aniston was the only cast member who needed convincing whilst the other five were very much on board. At the time, Aniston and even show creator Marta Kauffman were surprised at the idea and laughed off the rumour.

'Til next time, Friends fans!