Lisa Kudrow hates holidays on the slopes because she is afraid she’ll get injured while skiing.

The former Friends star and her family have spent the past several years in the mountains for the holidays, skiing on the snow-covered slopes.

But this year (14), Kudrow opted to stay at home in Los Angeles, after admitting she hates skiing and fears she’ll injure herself.

She says, "We go skiing normally, but I stay indoors. My husband skis and my son and whoever we're with.

"I come up with reasons to be so busy: 'I would love to ski but I have to do the laundry', because I’m terrified I'm going to get hurt."

She adds, "I've been skiing before and when I would go I would do one run and then I would go in afterwards and have lunch and I’d go, 'Oh we had lunch. I’m tired'. But I just didn’t want to risk another run. I figured I made it down, so why would I do a stupid thing and do it again?"