It may have been nearly a decade since we last cringed at Lisa Kudrow as Valerie Parish. But be prepared to do it all over again, as 'The Comeback'  is finally making its big comeback on HBO, nine years later. 

Lisa KudrowKudrow at the premiere of 'The Comeback's' second season

The cult comedy, which was first cancelled in 2005, starred Kudrow as Valerie Parish, a has been sitcom actress desperately trying to revive her career at any cost. But now both Kudrow and Parish have been given a second chance, with the series long awaited second season premiering on HBO Sunday (November 9th) at 10pm.

The eight episode season reunites the series' original cast as well as co-writer and director, 'Sex and the City’s' Michael Patrick King.

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As for what Valerie’s been up to in the past nine years. Well it seems its more of the same for the shameless star. Still trying to rebuild her image, Valerie is filming a new reality show and has just been cast on an HBO series titled 'Seeing Red'. In the show Valerie plays a neurotic older actress" named Mallory Church who has a relationship with a self-destructive sitcom writer. Sound familiar?

Joining the cast for 'The Comeback’s' second run is Seth Rogen who will be playing himself while he acts as Mitch, a fictional version of for Valerie's out-of-rehab writer, Paulie G. in 'Seeing Red'. Lance Barber will of course be back as the actual Paulie G, as will Laura Silverman as Jane, Valerie’s long suffering producer, who has since found success with more serious projects.

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Aside from The Comeback, Kudrow also has plenty more on her plate. Her Showtime series 'Web Therapy’ has just started its fourth season, and she also produces the celebrity genealogy series 'Who Do You Think You Are?' for TLC.