Lisa Kudrow says being a mother makes her a more ''emotional'' actress.

The 'Comeback' star - who has 16-year-old son Julian with French husband Michael Stern - doesn't think parenthood has changed her very much, but believes it has improved her ability to draw on her feelings for certain scenes.

Asked how being a mother has affected her acting, she said: ''I don't know if it's changed that much, except it's given me more to draw from, in terms of new feelings. It's filled me up more for emotional things.

''That's a really good thing! With moments like crying, there are so many different things you can do if being in a scene doesn't get you crying. Just about anything about my child makes me cry.''

The former 'Friends' star, 51, prefers shooting independent movies than Hollywood blockbusters because the roles are more ''fun'' and is frustrated that female parts are often just about being eye candy.

She told the UK's LOOK magazine: ''[Independent] parts are really fun. The characters are usually a little more layered, especially for women after a certain age. I think that's why.

''Women still have a different place in our society and it's changing slowly [in mainstream cinema] but it's still slow.

''Because we're so interested in the male audience, the requirement for women in entertainment is to turn men on. That really hasn't changed much.''