Instead father and son took off to MAChu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands and mum stayed at home living out their dream trip by looking at photos they sent her.

The unadventurous former Friends star says, "That wouldn't be fun (for me)... I saw them on a bus on a narrow road with cliffs on either side, passing another bus. I can't do that because it's a human being driving, who can make a mistake."

And she had a scary moment when her husband sent her video of her son eating glass he found in his food at dinner.

She explains, "The video is titled 'Ouch... sorry'... and my husband is saying, 'Eat it... Put it in your mouth', and I had to leave, I couldn't watch it anymore. And he put it in his mouth and then went, 'Ow, it hurts so much'... and it cut off.

"And then they're gone for five hours and they can't get in touch. It was sugar. It was a joke. It was a funny, funny joke."