Pregnant singer Lisa Loeb recently made an emergency dash to a hospital after going into false labour.
The I Do hitmaker is expecting her second child, and was convinced her baby was on the way after she began experiencing contractions earlier this month (Jun12).
But after checking into a hospital and readying herself to give birth, Loeb was stunned to discover she wasn't actually in labour.
In a blog for, she writes, "Since my first child came three and a half weeks early, I'm open to the possibility of this baby coming any day. The other night, after lots of crazy contractions coming every five minutes or so, my husband and I decided to head to the hospital.
"Of course, we hadn't fully packed our bags yet, and so we rushed to load everything we needed into the car... We raced to the hospital but by the time we got into the hospital and hooked up to some monitors, the contractions started slowing down."
The star admits the experience was good practice for the real event: "No baby yet, but yay, now we have our bags packed and have successfully done a dress rehearsal of our trip to the hospital."
Loeb and her husband Roey Hershkovitz wed in 2009 and have a two-year-old daughter, Lyla Rose.