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Little Barrie
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Little Barrie Pay To Join Single

I was quite disappointed to learn that this wasn't written by a solo dwarf. Anyway, after I got over that little obstacle I decided to give the actual music a listen and was pleasantly surprised. This is a well-constructed, playful, soul-influenced, danceable single that never quite reaches the heights that it threatens at so many times. The lack of a brass section anywhere on this track really lets it down, as it would work perfectly with the groove of the bass and the infectious, jaunty lead guitar.

The B-side, Can Of Worms, is more of the same, almost breaking into jazz at points, with the guitar dancing playfully around the loose bed set up by the rhythm section. If Jamie T was a nice, polite boy with a cleaner voice then you'd have something akin to Little Barrie. Overall it's quite a nice feel good summery tune, which harks back to a time when life was simpler, sweeter and tight jeans and Tony and Guy haircuts weren't the only pre-requisite for being in a band. If you can't dance to this though you have two left arms for legs.

David Lapidus

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