Review of Adultery Single by Little Comets

Review of Little Comets single Adultery

Little Comets Adultery Single

Front man Robert Coles's high pitched vocal preaches Monogamous ideology throughout this three minute gem 'love is expiring as he sits perspiring/just think of the children' Imagine if Jeremy Kyle had picked up a guitar all those years ago instead of a grey suit and a righteous attitude, he might have written this soon to be dance floor favourite himself.

Little Comets are a band that could have done with emerging 3 or 4 years ago. With guitar music now roundly unfashionable, it's becoming ever increasingly hard for bands to keep their heads above the water and unless you use a keyboard, the chances of getting noticed are painfully slim. However, blistering in your face guitar based pop such as Adultery is always going to cause heads to turn. This is the type of track that indie/pop bands long to write. Gorgeously melodic, it's a song that's as cheeky as it sharp with a quick turn of pace that never allows for the mind to wonder.

Sam Marland

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