Live Review of Little Comets at the O2 Shepherds Bush Empire 10th April 2013

We all have that one album that defines a section of our lives. It might be the first album you bought, or an album you listened to during a memorable holiday, or an album that reminds you of time spent with a loved one.

Little Comets

This is what 'Life is Elsewhere' by Little Comets is to me. Not only is it one of the most daring, groundbreaking and enjoyable albums of the past year, it has been the 'soundtrack' to a certain section of my life.

As that section was drawing to a close, this felt like the perfect opportunity to sample 'Life is Elsewhere' (what an aptly named album, by the way) in a live environment.

Strolling on stage with minimal bravado and maximum confidence, Little Comets rocketed into one of the most powerful and complete live sets any music fan is likely to see. The trick seems to be the diversity of their setlist. One minute you are listening to the stunningly beautiful 'Bayonne' and the next you're greeted by the lively indie-pop gem 'Adultery'.

'Bayonne' itself is an astonishing piece of music. A beautifully constructed song that floats effortlessly by in just over 3 minutes, built around the line "to set me apart from it all, for feeling far too much, too young".

'Life is Elsewhere' opening track 'A Little Opus' is a highlight from the set, bringing together every side of Little Comets and bursting through the sold out Shepherds Bush Empire like, well, a comet. There's a lot of joy in Little Comets' songs, but there are also moments of darkness and brutal honesty. 'Violence Out Tonight' and 'Waiting In The Shadows In The Dead Of Night' are the two standouts and create a very different atmosphere inside the venue.

'Jennifer', 'One Night in October' and 'Dancing Song' get the biggest reactions from the crowd, before the epic 'In Blue Music We Trust' delivers the final knockout blow and confirms Little Comets as one of the most important live acts around.

Thanks for the memories, Little Comets.

Harry Moore

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