Review of No One's Better Sake Single by Little Joy

Review of Little Joy's single 'No One's Better Sake' released through Rough Trade.

Little Joy No One's Better Sake Single

A new project led by Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, Little Joy released their self-titled debut album on Rough Trade back in November. Unsurprisingly, the record was given a warm reception and the Los Angeles based trio look set to reap more acclaim with this sunshine fuelled single.

'No One's Better Sake' consists of sub bass, lo-fi drums/percussion, seaside organ tones, various guitar lines and laidback vocals with an ever so slight 50's vibe and (as you might expect) a massive hint of The Strokes.

This reasonable slice of warming lo-fi pop might not have you breaking out the deckchair and cocktails just yet, but it certainly provides a sense of welcome relief from the passing harsh winter.

Colin Burrill

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