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Tyler And Braff 'Not Dating'

A representative for Hollywood actress LIV TYLER has blasted rumours she's dating SCRUBS star ZACH BRAFF.The pair was linked by a recent tabloid report that suggested they had enjoyed a cosy date in a Los...

Tyler Dismisses Pregnancy Speculation

Actress LIV TYLER has laughed off reports she's expecting her second child after drawing attention with a fuller figure.The Lord of the Rings beauty has a four-year-old son, Milo, with her ex-husband Royston Langdon. Rumours...

Liv Tyler's Naked Hobby

Liv Tyler's favourite pastime is being naked in a Korean bathhouse.The Hollywood actress regularly visits the Beverly Hot Springs, in Los Angeles, for an all-over body scrub and massage.She said: "The most unlikely place you...

Tyler Gets Beauty Advice From Her Dad

LIV TYLER maintains her good looks by taking beauty tips from her rock star dad STEVEN TYLER.The Lord of the Rings actress has discovered plenty of skincare secrets from her mum, Bebe Buell, and grandmother,...

Tyler Is Maid Of Honour In New Film

LIV TYLER is walking down the aisle again, as the maid of honour in a new romantic comedy - nearly one year after splitting from her rocker husband ROYSTON LANGDON. The actress will star in writer/director...

Mia's Shock At Meeting Half-sister Liv Tyler

Model-turned-author MIA TYLER had no idea actress LIV TYLER was her half-sister when the pair first met at an AEROSMITH concert. Neither girl had been told of the other's existence, but they instinctively knew they...

Maguire Threw Up While Naked With Liv Tyler

Spider-Man star TOBEY MAGUIRE once threw up while skinny-dipping in the sea next to his ideal woman, LIV TYLER. The 31-year-old was nervous when he arrived on the set of 1995 movie Empire Records -...

Todd Rundgren Still Calls Liv His Daughter

TODD RUNDGREN always knew AEROSMITH singer STEVEN TYLER was the real father of his surrogate daughter LIV TYLER, but decided to raise her as his own because her parents were "children themselves". The veteran...

Kevin Smith: Gigli Flop Means Jersey Girl Won't Make Number One

Movie maker KEVIN SMITH has given up hope of hitting the number one spot with his new movie JERSEY GIRL - because BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ have given the project the kiss of death....

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