Liv Tyler would be willing to change her hair for the right film role.

The stunning actress has previously chopped off all her locks and while she prefers her tresses to be longer she would be willing to do it again.

She said: "I love my hair long as it is now, but I'm always open to doing something drastic for the right film part. Like the time Robert Altman asked me to cut my hair into a short pixie for 'Cookie's Fortune'. I loved having that opportunity, however I'm back to having it long again now. I've also gone red a few times, too, which was fun!

"But the growing out process after it was short was not fun!"

Liv also makes sure she takes good care of her hair as she knows how important it is to.

She said: "My hair is styled a lot for filming, photo shoots, events and so on, which takes its toll. So I have a skincare regime. I shampoo my hair to cleanse it, condition it and I use a leave-in treatment at least once a week, sometimes more, for extra conditioning."