Lollapalooza saw a minor scandal this year, when Blood Orange singer-producer Devonte "Dev" Hynes came out with the claim that he had been assaulted by security guards at the festival on Friday evening. On Saturday, Hynes took to Twitter to post the following about an alleged assault on himself and girlfriend Samantha Urbani.

Dev Hynes, Blood Orange
Dev Hynes claims he was assaulted and plans to press charges.

The tweets don’t go into detail and Hynes did not note the exact location of the assault within the festival, however he did say that “everyone saw it” and that he planned to press charges. Hynes and several others also claimed that Lollapalooza was deleting comments relating to the incident.

Since then, Lollapalooza organizers have come out with an official statement. According to Billboard, festival officials said: “Late Friday night, we learned of an incident involving an artist and a security guard on site. Since then, we have been in contact with those involved and the authorities, as we work together to resolve the situation. As always, our top priority is to ensure the safety of everyone at the festival.”

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