Lorde and Jack Antonoff both ''love pop songs''.

The 33-year-old musician has joined forces with the brunette beauty on her 'Don't Take The Money' single, as well as other tracks on her recent album, and Antonoff - who is also known as AKA Bleachers - believes the pair get on well because they share a similar interest in music.

Speaking about the 20-year-old powerhouse in NME magazine, he said: ''Well, everybody differs because everybody has something they want to say and a different space they want to occupy.

''It all starts with me and them sitting in a room, just talking about ideas and what we love. so with Ella [Yelich-O'Connor, AKA Lorde], we both love pop songs that are interesting on the production side and also have a lot to do with break-ups, which can be devastating.''

And the dark-haired hunk agreed not to ''dumb anything down'' on their 2017 track 'Green Light'.

He explained: ''Making 'Green Light', we thought: 'Let's not dumb anything down, lets make the pop music we love.''

Meanwhile Jack - who is currently dating Lena Dunham - has revealed him and his partner ''support'' each other, but know when to give one another space to be creative.

He said: ''We support each other and give each other space. With Lena's work, I look at it as a fan/ I say if I like it or not. Hse's my actual audience too, a human being trying to connect with music on an emotional level.''