Lorde is inspired by Kanye West.

The 17-year-old singer - whose track 'Royals' hit number one in both the UK and America - admits the 36-year-old rapper has become her idol because he has the ability to keep people attached to each record he throws out there, but still manages to put a different spin on each one.

She said: ''I look to Kanye for inspiration in a lot of things, and his ability to kind of reinvent and keep throwing curveballs with each record. He's able to keep things interesting, and keep people following him, after what has been quite a lengthy career.''

The brunette beauty was drawn to music as a child when she listened to boy band Blue's 'One Love', which came out in 2002, because she likes tracks that have a upbeat vibe.

Speaking to the Observer newspaper, she explained: ''That one was gem. I was always drawn to songs with that innate catchiness.''