Teen singer Lorde has slammed Dj David Guetta, calling him "gross" following her manager's suggestion she collaborate with the popular music producer.

The 16 year old took the music world by storm with her hit Royals, which soared to number one on multiple music charts around the world.

Following her quick rise to fame, the hitmaker is receiving offers from other successful artists to work together, but one person Lorde has absolutely no interest in teaming up with is the French house music maven Guetta.

During an interview with Australian music site FasterLouder, Lorde is approached by her manager who tells her that Guetta would like her to be on his next album.

She responds, "No. F**k no. He's so gross."

It isn't the first time the outspoken teen has been forthright with her opinions of other artists - in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Lorde revealed she was made "sick" by the way Selena Gomez portrays women in her track Come & Get It.