Lorraine Kelly, the long-serving morning television presenter, was absent from her usual role on Itv's Lorraine show today (21 February 2012). Fans were shocked to find upon waking up that it was not the soft-spoken Scottish mainstay who was greeting them but stand in Helen Fospero instead, according to The Press Association.
It turned out that Kelly had injured herself badly whilst attempting a jump on a horse, and the star took to Twitter to explain further, writing "Unfortunately the horse stamped on my thigh. As a result - deep wound and lots of blood. Was treated by fab paramedics in ambulance - then given an op under general anaesthetic at hospital." She went on to state that she'd be out for "around four weeks."
Grim news indeed for Kelly and her fans, though at least they had the reassuring fall back of Fospero who told viewers, "I'm standing in for Lorraine today. You might have heard she's had an accident yesterday when she fell off a horse as she was getting ready for a charity event. But she's on the mend and if you're watching, Lorraine, this morning we all wish you a very speedy recovery." Kelly has been hosting a morning show on either Gmtv or Itv for almost 20 years dating back to 1993 when she launched the main breakfast program alongside EAMONN HOLMES.