Serious amounts of awkward on British daytime TV today as ‘Good Morning Britain’ host Lorraine Kelly shocked viewers with a suggestive comment she made to co-presenter Piers Morgan when he presented her with a birthday present.

The amusing exchange took place on the ITV weekday morning show on Monday (November 30th) when Morgan gave his colleague a present for her 56th birthday live on air. It was a heart-shaped pillow emblazoned with his face, which temporarily caused Lorraine to forget she was live on air.

Piers MorganPiers Morgan laughed off the embarrassing exchange as he left the ITV studios on Monday

Having recently admitted that she’s got a bit of an attraction to Morgan, she then said: “Look what he got me – I can sit on your face now!” Cue massive giggles.

To make things even more awkward, Morgan was wearing a kilt on the show in celebration of St. Andrew’s Day and his co-host’s homeland of Scotland. Lorraine asked him whether he was wearing pants underneath the kilt, to which he replied “I’ve gone commando”.

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“You just get more and more attractive,” a slightly embarrassed Lorraine remarked as everybody tried to keep their composure.

Obviously, social media reacted to the saucy incident, with one user tweeting: “Lorraine talking about sitting on Piers Morgan’s face is way too much for this time of day.”

Their fellow presenter Susanna Reid also got in on the action on social media, retweeting a story on the incident with the words “Oh. My. Days”.

Kelly herself tried to brush over the incident via her own Twitter account, explaining that she sometimes forgets where she is. “Sometimes I forget I’m on the TV and that I’ve said things out loud rather than just inside my head!!”

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