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19th January 2015

Quote: "I'm not answering any questions about him because I've learned that unfortunately, nearly anything I write/say about him gets taken out of context. So it's easier and safer to say nothing." Lost star William Mapother refuses to answer questions about his cousin Tom Cruise during a Reddit.com Ask Me Anything webchat on Monday (19Jan15).

21st November 2014

Quote: "I would like to play Zooey Deschanel roles. I am much more like that in real life and sometimes I get tired of playing such serious, strong women. Sometimes I wish I could just play roles where I smile and I'm sweet and quirky." Lost star Evangeline Lilly dreams of landing a good comedy role.

22nd July 2014

Fact: Tom Cruise's cousin William Mapother has become the ninth former Lost star to sign on for Hawaii-based cop drama Hawaii Five-O. Mapother, who played Ethan Rom on Lost, will guest star in an upcoming episode of the drama, which features his former co-stars Daniel Dae Kim and Jorge Garcia as regulars. Other Lost stars who have made their way back to Hawaii for the police series include Henry Ian Cusick, Terry O'Quinn and Tania Raymonde.

20th May 2014

Fact: Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is a big fan of hit mystery series Lost. The show's star Terry O'Quinn revealed the singer handed him a watercolour of his character John Locke during their first and only meeting, and the painting now hangs in his living room. The actor loves the portrait so much that he admitted, "It's one of the five or six things I would grab if the place lit on fire."

9th January 2014

Fact: The cast of Lost will celebrate the cult show's 10th anniversary with a reunion at The Paley Center for Media's 31st annual television festival in Los Angeles this spring (14). The two-week event will kick off with a Veronica Mars reunion on 13 March (14).

6th June 2013

Fact: Former Lost star Josh Holloway has penned a family movie called CaliFURnia Dreamin' about "animals coming from different parts of the world to make it in Hollywood".

5th June 2013

Quote: "She's slightly reckless and totally ruthless and doesn't hesitate to kill. Tauriel is the head of the Elven Guard. She's a Sylvan Elf, which means she's of a much lower order than the elves we all became acquainted with in The Lord of the Rings... She will definitely have a love story. I can't give away too much about it." Lost star Evangeline Lilly on her colourful character in The Hobbit sequel, The Desolation of Smaug.

4th April 2013

Tweet: "Just bumped into Josh Holloway in Vancouver. If you're that good looking, you shouldn't be allowed to be that lovely. swoon". British actor Simon Pegg is taken with the Lost star while on location in Canada.

6th September 2012

Fact: Lost star Michael Emerson will voice Batman's nemesis The Joker in new animated Dvd release Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2.

5th October 2011

Quote: "My baby did not have a name for a month... Maybe that's why you never heard about it... His name means The Thunder." Lost star Evangeline Lilly stops short of revealing her baby's Hawaiian name during an appearance on U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

15th April 2011

Quote: "I call it Disneyland for me... That kinda thing is just action-packed and lots of stunts and fun things to do, and working with Tom (Cruise) was an honour." Lost star Josh Holloway on filming the latest Mission: Impossible movie.

9th February 2011

Quote: "I was a huge Lost fanatic. I miss it... That's my favourite thing in the history of entertainment." Matthew Perry was a big fan of TV drama LOST.

6th January 2011

Quote: "I was tempted to buy a lotto ticket when I heard about the huge jackpot, but I never would've played the Lost numbers as the show clearly stated they were cursed and I'm a nervous enough flier as it is.” LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof is adamant he will never use the cursed lottery numbers used in the show, despite four of the six winning numbers in the Mega Millions lottery matching the digits in America on Tuesday (04Jan11).

28th September 2010

Fact: Former Lost star Maggie Grace has signed up to play a vampire in the next installment of the TWILIGHT franchise.

15th August 2010

Quote: "How awesome is that! It totally put a smile on my face, to say the least. It ranks right up there with getting my own action figure." Actor Jorge Garcia is delighted rockers Weezer used an image of his face for their upcoming album, HURLEY - which is named after the star's character in Lost.

3rd June 2010

Quote: "I wrote a children's story called the Squicker Walkers. Never attempted (to publish) it. Maybe now I'll try and publish it." Lost star Evangeline Lilly is contemplating marketing herself as a kids' author now the hit TV show has ended. The actress has already carved out a career for herself as a writer and began work on her third novel last year (09).

24th May 2010

Fact: Lost superfan Marilyn Manson was among the audience for a post-finale JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! special, which aired on Sunday night (23May10). Prior to the show, Mason gifted Lost stars Emilie De Ravin and Terry O'Quinn with a lucky skull and a portrait, respectively.

24th May 2010

Fact: The cast of Lost, including Matthew Fox, TERRY O'QUINN, Naveen Andrews, YUNJIN KIM and Emilie De Ravin, reunited for one last time on Sunday (23May10) for a special episode of TV talk show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!, which aired in the U.S. straight after the hit programme's highly anticipated series finale.

22nd May 2010

Quote: "I'm not worried about a job after Lost because apparently I'm Kid Rock everywhere I go... Shout out to you, Kid, I hope I'm representing you well." Lost star Josh Holloway is often mistaken for Kid Rock.

19th May 2010

Quote: "I can't imagine anyone having a conversation about 21st-century television and not mentioning Lost." Actor Daniel Dae Kim is proud of his involvement with the hit show.

18th May 2010

Fact: Actor Jorge Garcia surprised Oscar winner and Lost fanatic Whoopi Goldberg with a special gift during an appearance on her U.S. talk show The View on Tuesday (18May10) - he presented her with a limited edition photo of the TV cast posing in character onset, alongside the wreckage of the doomed Oceanic flight 815.

14th May 2010

Fact: Marilyn Manson has posted his portrait of Lost character JOHN LOCKE, played by actor Terry O'Quinn, on his Facebook page. The rocker reveals he was inspired to tackle the mysterious character by his bandmate Twiggy Ramirez, who is a big fan of the desert island TV drama.

13th May 2010

Fact: Former Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus' actor brother-in-law, Patrick Fischler, was a Lost castaway.

11th May 2010

Quote: "I think it's a little out of control. I had to have a lock box attached to my house so they could deliver my script." Lost star Evangeline Lilly thinks her TV bosses went overboard in a bid to keep the hit U.S. show's twisted storylines a secret.

6th May 2010

Quote: "Evie (Evangeline Lilly) threw a huge party the week before we finished... Jimmy Buffett crashed it. It was kinda odd... (but) he's island-themed too... There's always a lot of musicians (who are fans). I just signed a Hurley doll to Marilyn Manson." Lost star Jorge Garcia on the show's famous fans.

29th April 2010

Fact: The producers of hit series Lost spent $228 million (£152 million) filming in Hawaii from 2006-09, according to official state figures. An average of 973 people were employed to work on the show during its run, which comes to a finish when the finale airs next month (May10).

12th April 2010

Quote: "I will say goodbye to some members of the cast privately, in my own way, without the crowds looking on. It will be very tough to say goodbye to everybody, but, at the same time, it's going to be incredible." Actor Matthew Fox admits the end of Lost will be emotional.

9th April 2010

Quote: "I have absolutely no trouble taking my clothes off... It's fun to do something others think is outrageous." Lost star Matthew Fox likes to get naked.

11th March 2010

Quote: "It's like asking Huckleberry Finn what's happening in the next Mark Twain book. I have no idea. I'm a fictional character, I turn up, I do my work, I get paid my wages." Actor Dominic Monaghan has no idea how hit show Lost will end.

3rd March 2010

Quote: "I watched the first half of the first episode and it was already too much for me!" British hunk Robert Pattinson admits he wasn't a fan of his REMEMBER ME co-star Emilie De Ravin's TV show Lost.

1st February 2010

Quote: "Women find any man on the TV sexy. You can't take it seriously. If a guy goes on television then there are women out there who will find them attractive. I don't buy into the sex-symbol thing. It's a compliment but that's it. I'm not interested. I'm a married man." Lost actor Matthew Fox isn't impressed by his legions of female fans.

17th January 2010

Quote: "The city of White Rock, where I have a home... put on the most spectacular fireworks display I have ever seen them put on... above my home. I sat on my rooftop deck with all my loved ones and plugged my ears because the fireworks were right over my house... They really care about me in Canada... I think it was something to do with Canada Day, but I'm convinced it was for me." Lost star Evangeline Lilly on how she celebrated her 30th birthday on Canada Day in August (10).

12th August 2009

Fact: All-star supergroup Camp Freddy added to their impressive line-up at a Los Angeles concert on 1 August (09) when Ozzy Osbourne, Ace Frehley, The Cult's BILLY DUFFY and Lost actor Naveen Andrews joined Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison and Donovan Leitch onstage at the House of Blues.

28th July 2009

Quote: "Every morning when I first get to see that little mean smile, I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ It makes my heart explode.” Lost actor Josh Holloway dotes on his newborn daughter JAVA.

23rd July 2009

Fact: TV bosses are preparing to auction props, costumes and other artifacts retrieved from the set of hit U.S. drama Lost. The memorabilia is expected to go under the hammer at a Profiles in History auction next year (10), after the series' sixth and final season is aired.

20th June 2009

Quote: "I know what the final image of the show is. I'm not going to tell you. I'd be thrown into some van with dudes in white jackets and taken away and injected with some s**t." Lost star Matthew Fox is frightened of giving away the series finale of the desert island drama.

28th May 2009

Quote: "No one knows that woman; she's a complete ice queen, which is perfect. Why should she be any more? She doesn't owe us anything." Lost star Evangeline Lilly on Angelina Jolie.

25th May 2009

Fact: Lost star Evangeline Lilly once worked as a Bible-camp counsellor. She was fired.

24th May 2009

Quote: "It's like if you had two (brothers) and had to decide which one of them you'd like to (have sex with)." Lost star Evangeline Lilly hates discussions about which one of her co-stars she'll romance on the show - Josh Holloway or Matthew Fox.

23rd May 2009

Fact: Lost star Evangeline Lilly is carving out a successful career for herself as a writer. The actress is currently working on her third novel and has a script called The Fortress she's wants made into a new movie.

23rd May 2009

Quote: "They need to tuck it away because, frankly, it's distracting." Lost star Evangeline Lilly on men who choose not to don underwear.

18th May 2009

Quote: "I will tell you that the finale is going to be spectacular. I'm confident it will be incredibly satisfying." Lost director J.J. ABRAMS refuses to give away anything about the show's ending, scheduled for broadcast next year (10).

2nd May 2009

Quote: "I know a lot of people really like it. But I can't get over the really sh**ty special effects and the hammy acting." Former Lost star Dominic Monaghan refuses to watch cult British sci-fi show Doctor Who.

1st May 2009

Fact: Quirky Brooklyn duo PREVIOUSLY ON Lost have recapped everything that has happened on desert island TV drama LOST in a new two minute song.

1st April 2009

Quote: "I may shave my head into a fine Mohawk, like a tall one, because one of our camera operators had a beautiful Mohawk for the first two years. I've always wanted one." Lost star Josh Holloway can't wait for the long-running show to come to an end - so he can finally experiment with a new hairstyle.

1st April 2009

Quote: "Im looking forward to knowing whats going on - I still have no clue. The only thing I ever got right was the island moving, which was pretty good. But thats it. I dont know what the story is or where we will end up. Lost star Josh Holloway admits he is looking forward to the end of the complicated drama series.

20th March 2009

Fact: The highly anticipated new Star Trek movie will have its world premiere on 7 April (09) at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The film, directed by Lost creator Jj Abrams, will then kick off a world tour that will stop in countries including France, Japan, New Zealand and the U.K.

18th February 2009

Quote: "I take the whole thing with some comedy - I'm 37 and suddenly these people care. I'm like, 'Where were you when I was 25?" Lost star Josh Holloway on his sex symbol status.

18th February 2009

Quote: "They used to give me three days notice before I had a topless scene and I'd be like, 'Come on guys, I'm not 25 any more!' I need at least six days." Lost star Josh Holloway has to prepare before taking his shirt off onscreen.

17th February 2009

Quote: "I became a recluse, stuck in my house for a year. All the attention made me so self-conscious." Lost star Josh Holloway felt overwhelmed after shooting to fame on the hit show.

8th February 2009

Quote: "When we first got here it was like paradise camp. More than any of the other cast we're giving serious consideration to staying here, at least through high school. It's really great for family." Lost star Daniel Dae Kim wants to carry on living in Hawaii when he finishes filming the hit show.

5th February 2009

Quote: "The more time your fly is in the water, the more fish you catch. I know. I caught a 20-inch rainbow trout in Chile last month." Former Lost star Maggie Grace is a top angler.

28th January 2009

Fact: Sexy Lost actress Evangeline Lilly is raising money for street kids in Brazil by modelling a new range of lingerie. The underwear is available to buy on eBay, with all proceeds going to the organisation Trouble Abandoned Street Kids of Brazil (TAS).

23rd January 2009

Quote: "I would sneak into my father's room and steal his underwear before a big date. He had leopard-skin banana hammocks. I thought a girl might find them sexy for some reason." Lost star Josh Holloway wasn't always such a hit with the ladies.

21st January 2009

Fact: Academy Award-nominated British actress Zuleikha Robinson has landed a role in hit U.S. TV series Lost playing dangerous European femme fatale, Ilana. Robinson will appear in eight episodes of the island series beginning next month (Feb09).

21st January 2009

Quote: "I surfed until someone on the Lost crew got injured surfing and needed 40 stitches. An injury means death on the show, so I dropped that right away." LOST star Josh Holloway has had to cut back on his action activities.

16th January 2009

Quote: "I still like to look around, but respectfully and with no intentions. Married, but buried, I say." Lost star Josh Holloway's affections are firmly with his wife of four years, YESSI.

15th January 2009

Quote: "I'm goofy and weird and a bit loud." Lost star Evangeline Lilly.

14th January 2009

Quote: "This show started with a plane crash on an island in the South Pacific, and it’s going to have a very global and epic ending." Matthew Fox is very happy about the upcoming ending to TV show Lost.

7th January 2009

Quote: "I have thrown scripts across rooms, torn them apart, spat on them. Few people on this show cannot say that." Actress Evangeline Lilly is just as frustrated about the complicated plotlines on Lost as the hit TV show's fans.

6th January 2009

Fact: Actress Michelle Rodriguez donned a bright yellow jacket and orange hard hat on Monday (05Jan09) and helped to clear trash from the side of a Los Angeles freeway as part of her community service sentence. The former Lost star was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in December 2005 and ordered to pay a fine, undergo community service, and spend some time in jail.

17th November 2008

Quote: "We'll work with anyone that we love, and obviously we love Jay (Z). But we've done that now, so the most interesting thing that we could do is the complete opposite, and play banjo on a Miley Cyrus record." Coldplay's Chris Martin on what's next for the band after re-recording Lost with rapper JAY-Z.

22nd April 2008

Quote: "I walk in and they both turned and went, 'Daddy?' And my little boy turned to my wife and said, 'I wanna be RACER X at Halloween next year.'" Lost star Matthew Fox stunned his kids when they visited him on the set of new blockbuster SPEED RACER, in which he plays the mysterious Racer X.

18th April 2008

Quote: "I said to (J.J.) ABRAMS, 'You've got the characters wonderfully, but I'd be lying to you if I understood everything." Actor Leonard Nimoy has trouble understanding the Lost director's script for the forthcoming Star Trek movie.

20th March 2008

Fact: Lost star Harold Perrineau has written and recorded a song in support of U.S. troops in Iraq, called STAY STRONG.

7th March 2008

Quote: "Gratuitous nudity I would shy away from. But if it was necessary for the story, then absolutely." Lost star Matthew Fox lets his female fans know that he isn't averse to doing tasteful nude scenes.

3rd March 2008

Quote: "I love British men. I had a crush on Hugh Grant for ages, then I had a Colin Farrell thing that turned into a Daniel Craig phase after I saw him in Casino Royale. Actually, I'd love to be a Bond girl." Lost actress YUNKIN KIM loves her British movie hunks.

3rd March 2008

Quote: "I have no idea what Lost is about. When the series began, the cast used to sit around and come up with theories, but they were shot to pieces quite quickly. By the time the second season began, we gave up trying." LOST actress YUNKIN KIM is as confused about the hit TV show's bizarre plotline as the fans.

14th February 2008

Quote: "On a scale of one to 10 for romance, I'm probably a three." Lost star Matthew Fox isn't a big fan of Valentine's Day.

12th February 2008

Quote: "You may as well worry about getting run over by a bus. If they do it, they do it; if they don't they don't." Lost star Naveen Andrews has more important things to worry about than getting axed from the hit show.

12th February 2008

Quote: "The Porsche Turbo 2008. You don't need one of those do you? I got it last year. I'm moaning about that, too, now. It's really low to the ground where you go over bumps. All this stuff, it's like an itch you can't touch. You've just got to live with it." Lost star Naveen Andrews admits he is never completely happy with anything, even his most extravagant purchase.

30th August 2007

Fact: Lost co-producer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN has created a Buffy The Vampire Slayer comic book series at the request of the TV show's creator Joss Whedon. The first issue goes on sale next week (05Sep07).

2nd July 2007

Quote: "It was a pyjama campaign and the pyjamas looked like all sorts of animals. One was a cow. They made me do my hair like horns. I was 18 so you do what you have to do." Lost hunk Josh Holloway on his worst assignment as a male model.

12th June 2007

Quote: "When I first got the premise, it was limited at best and dreadful at worst. People crashing on an island - how many possible permutations can you get out of that?" Actor Naveen Andrews wasn't impressed with Lost at first.

31st May 2007

Fact: Lost star Dominic Monaghan was given a canoe paddle signed by all his castmates and producers as a leaving gift during his last day on the set of the desert island drama.

21st May 2007

Quote: "I took Hologram to a secluded part of the island, and I was kinda sad as I let him go." Lord Of The Rings and Lost star Dominic Monaghan bid a fond farewell to his beloved chameleon Hologram after the pet died in Hawaii.

13th May 2007

Quote: "I'd imbibed so much that I threw up in the water and ended up swimming in my own vomit." Lost star Matthew Fox regrets having to shoot a swimming scene after a night of heavy drinking.

8th May 2007

Fact: Lost star Harold Perrineau auditioned for Grey's Anatomy's Dr Burke. The role went to Isaiah Washington.

5th February 2007

Quote: "I've fantasised about Barbra Streisand and I saw Sophia Loren at a restaurant a couple years ago and I thought, 'Wow, I'd still go there.'" Lost star Josh Holloway has a thing for older women.

1st February 2007

Quote: "When it happens, I want a big, bloody BRAVEHEART-style battle. I want SAWYER to die badly!" Lost star Josh Holloway has his own suggestions for the show's writers if they plan to kill off his character.

9th January 2007

Quote: "I don't take my clothes off all the time because I think I have a huge unit and want to show it off. I do it because it's frickin' funny!" Lost star Matthew Fox defends his much-publicised fondness for skinny-dipping.

8th January 2007

Fact: Lost star Matthew Fox's farming parents grew barley for brewing company Coors.

21st December 2006

Fact: Former Lost star Michelle Rodriguez has hired AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL finalist MELROSE BICKERSTAFF to design for her clothing line Ishkidada. The clothing will hit stores next September (07).

30th November 2006

Fact: Lost star Matthew Fox was a member of the Columbia University college American football team which ended a record 44-game losing streak with a win over Princeton in 1988. The actor scored a 40-yard touchdown in the game, which was cancelled because he accidentally ran out of bounds as he charged up the field.

30th November 2006

Fact: Stoner movie icon Cheech Marin has signed up to play the father of heavyweight Lost star Jorge Garcia's character HURLEY in an upcoming flashback episodes of the hit castaway show.

23rd November 2006

Fact: MISSION: Impossible III director and Lost co-creator Jj Abrams will take charge of an upcoming episode of America's version of British TV comedy hit THE OFFICE.

24th August 2006

Fact: Lost star Evangeline Lilly has signed on as the new spokesmodel for trendy US footwear designer MICHELLE K.

25th April 2006

Fact: Forward-thinking bosses at US TV network ABC are set to launch a global interactive game based on hit TV series Lost.

10th April 2006

Fact: The Disney-ABC Television Group is planning to show hit ABC shows including Lost and Desperate Housewives online for free from next month (MAY06).

30th January 2006

Quote: <p>"A friend of mine always says if you don't have something nice to say about someone, let's hear it. So about our cast, I'd like to say that this is the saddest collection of climbing, grasping, paranoid, back-stabbing, screen-grabbing losers and schmoozers that you ever saw on your stage in your life. But we love each other very much." Lost co-star Terry O'Quinn praises and insults his castmembers at the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards last night (29JAN06). </p>

27th January 2006

Fact: <p>The 'blood-stained' shirt Maggie Grace's character SHANNON was wearing when she was shot dead on hit drama Lost is being auctioned off to benefit the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. </p>

22nd December 2005

Fact: <p>Seven castmembers of hit show Lost have been stopped, cited and/or arrested for speeding or drink driving since they started filming on Hawaii. </p>

16th December 2005

Fact: <p>Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof has returned to his roots as a cartoonist to write a six-part Marvel comic which brings The Hulk and X-Men character Wolverine together. </p>

30th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I feel like pinning him down and farting in his face. We have that kind of sibling energy." Michelle Rodriguez on her new Lost co-star Josh Holloway. </p>

17th November 2005

Fact: <p>Producers of Emmy-winning TV show Lost have signed a deal with a US mobile phone company to make 20 episodes - each only minutes long - available to download. Titled Lost Video Diaries, the mini-series will feature two new characters whose storylines will compliment the prime-time version of the air crash programme. </p>

26th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I can't remember the last time I bought a sweater." Actress Maggie Grace on the advantage of shooting her hit TV show Lost in island paradise Hawaii. </p>

23rd September 2005

Fact: <p>The debut episode of hit TV drama Lost's second season was watched by a staggering 23 million viewers on Wednesday night (21SEP05) - the show's most watched episode ever. </p>

26th August 2005

Fact: <p>Dominic Monaghan's Lost character CHARLIE snorts brown sugar as a substitute for heroin when filming drug scenes in the hit TV show. </p>


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