Louis CK's Louie returned for season 4 this week, cementing itself as one of the finest comedies around. Written, directed, edited and produced by CK himself, the show follows a fictionalized version of the comedian raising his two daughters in New York City. 

Louis CK
Louis Is BACK for season 4 of 'Louie'

Already the recipient of several Primetime Emmy Award nominations, and a win for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, Louie is going from strength-to-strength and season three may well be considered the finest yet.

"Even if the radiant humor occasionally tends a bit toward the local, as in the brilliant season opening involving members of the DSNY, the point of view is so effortlessly relatable in its humble assertions," said Chris Cabin of Slant magazine of the new episodes.

"There's still nothing like it on TV, because there aren't too many people out there capable of excavating their brains with this much rigor, wit and insight," wrote Maureen Ryan of Huffington Post.

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"A show that ceased to be something easily identifiable and thus easily understood the very first minute it was on," said Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter.

"Back for its fourth season, Louie continues to be TV's finest oddity," said Matthew Gilbert of Boston Globe.

"Each [episode] stands on its own as a TV art film, an independent work of short fiction," said Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times.

Louie season four is currently airing on 14 episode run on FX.

Watch Louis CK arriving at the 'American Hustle' premiere: