Louis C.K is an honest guy. At least, he seems to be an honest guy. Instead of implementing loads of anti-pirating measurements, he released his dormant film, Tomorrow Night with minimum hoo-ha, and accompanied it with a friendly reminder that pirating would likely stop him being to work in the way he does, and he'll probably stop doing Louie - and no one wants that to happen.

Louis CKPress: Louis C.K from his hit FX show, Louie

Why should we care? Well, because C.K is one of the most organic workers in comedy right now. He doesn’t do bad things, or things he considers bad, and he works really hard. Of course, pirating a silly big-budget action film and then buying C.K’s film doesn’t offer you repent – you dirty internet thief, but it does at least show support for the way in which Louis works. That’s enough gushing, for now.

Tomorrow Night is a film C.K shot when he was “a struggling comedian”. He enlisted some pretty now-high-profile names – like Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Conan O'Brien, Wanda Sykes and JB Smoove – and is a black & white, off-beat comedy. The film initially debuted at the Sundance Film Festival 15 years ago, but failed to pick up a distributor.

This lead C.K to the decision to release it independently, meaning he listed it on his website for $5. For that, you can download it 6 times, stream to it 3 times in a 6-hour period. It’s a novel way of releasing content, but is in line with all of his other releases. If you’re thinking of torrenting the film, then at least read the literature that comes with it, imploring you to hand over $5 instead of stealing it.

“Look, I don’t really get the whole “torrent” thing. I don’t know enough about it to judge either way. But I’d just like you to consider this: I made these files extremely easy to use against well-informed advice,” explains Louis. “I was told that it would be easier to torrent the way I made it, but I chose to do it this way anyway, because I want it to be easy for people to watch and enjoy this video in any way they want without “corporate” restrictions,” he adds.

“Please bear in mind that I am not a company or a corporation. I’m just some guy. I paid for the production and posting of this video with my own money. I would like to be able to post more material to the fans in this way, which makes it cheaper for the buyer and more pleasant for me. So, please help me keep this being a good idea. I can’t stop you from torrenting; all I can do is politely ask you to pay your five little dollars, enjoy the show, and let other people find it in the same way.”

Louis is expected to make a much-anticipated return from a lengthy hiatus, which as been punctuated by a few interviews and an appearance on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Jerry Seinfeld’s latest project, which is now in its third season and rolling along nicely.

This return should herald a comeback for Louis – C.K’s hit FX show, which he films, writes, produces, edits and stars in. Seasons one-through-three have enjoyed critical acclaim, while show’s star promised not to come back to the show unless he had the right material.