Veteran French movie star Louis Jourdan has passed away at the grand age of 93, just months after the death of his wife Berthe. He leaves behind an impressive movie legacy, including films such as 'Gigi' and James Bond picture 'Octopussy'.

Old age has caught up with one of France's most charismatic old movie stars. Never one to give in easily, Marseille-born Louis Jourdan's film career began after World War II, during which he forcefully refused to get involved with German propaganda films despite his orders and subsequently joined the French Resistance. Having already appeared in several French films in the following years, his first international movie was Alfred Hitchcock's 1947 film 'The Paradine Case'.

The later years followed with 'Letter from an Unknown Woman', 'Three Coins in the Fountain', 'The Swan' with Grace Kelly and 'The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful' with Brigitte Bardot, not to mention his Broadway ventures with 'The Immoralist'. He will always be remembered, however, for his lead role in 1958 9-time Oscar winning drama 'Gigi' in which he lead the cast alongside Leslie Caron. 

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In 1983, he played Bond villain Kamal Khan in 'Octopussy', and his last major role was in 'Swamp Thing' sequel 'The Return of Swamp Thing' in 1989, though he made a brief return in 1992 for Peter Yates' action romance 'Year of the Comet' which also starred Penelope Ann Miller and Tim Daly. Jourdan was such an influential movie star that he landed not one, but two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was even honoured with the Legion of Honour award in 2010.

Jourdan joins his wife Berthe Frédérique, who passed away in 2014, and his son Louis Henry who died of a drug overdose at just 29-years-old in 1981.