Louis Tomlinson is closer than ever with his siblings.

The One Direction star's sister Lottie Tomlinson has heaped praise on her siblings - including singer Louis - as they all came together after the tragic death of their mother Johannah, who passed away of leukaemia, and their sister Felicite, who accidentally overdosed aged just 18.

Speaking about her bond with her siblings, she said: ''We wouldn't be able to get through it without each other. We wouldn't be as close if this hadn't have happened. We appreciate each other so much because we know life's so precious. We all absolutely adore each other now.''

And Lottie says she is ''excited'' for the future and feels she can get through the toughest times now because of the tragedy.

Sharing what's next, she added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I'm excited for the future - I've got a lot I want to do workwise and I'm excited to meet someone and have my own family. My sisters and I are really maternal, baby mad. What has happened has given me such a perspective on life, a strength and a resilience and anything that life throws at me, I feel like I can cope because I've got through the worst, horrible things. I've got an armour where I can deal with anything.''

Meanwhile, Louis previously admitted he found it ''easier'' to deal with his sister's death than that of his mother's.

He said: ''Both felt very individual, and hit me with a big impact ... I think dealing with the family, how I can be there for them, that was easier the second time because the first time I was grieving and didn't know what to say. As time went on I grew to understand what to say to my sisters.''