With fatherhood imminent, Louis Tomlinson is showing no signs of slowing down on the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, with a new report emerging that he was kicked out of a hotel earlier this week for trashing his room.

The One Direction singer is said to have enjoyed a big night out in Newcastle on Monday night (October 26th), after his band had performed at the city’s Metro Radio Arena, finishing up a three-night run at the venue. He was spotted entering the popular student nightclub Digital, famous for its 80p entry fee, having briefly stopped at Aspers casino with the rest of his bandmates.

Louis TomlinsonOne Direction's Louis Tomlinson enjoyed a night out on Monday - possibly a bit too much

The Sun reports that Tomlinson, 23, arrived back at the Malmaison hotel in the city centre – where the rest of the group were not staying – in the small hours of Tuesday morning “staggering about looking drunk and clutching a bottle of booze”. At approximately 4am, the star was apparently ejected from the hotel by security for causing damage to his room.

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“They were kicked out at 4am by security who were aware of the incident and were absolutely furious,” a source told the tabloid paper. “He ran out of the hotel carrying all of his clothes and another bottle of booze. A waiting car drove him to the band's tour bus,” where Tomlinson was said to have slept it off.

“He seemed to think it was a right joke but it's pretty disrespectful. He didn't seem too worried though,” the source concluded.

1D’s exhaustive ‘On The Road Again’ tour is due to finally end at Sheffield on Halloween. At that point, Tomlinson’s on-off girlfriend Briana Jungwirth will be about five months pregnant with their child. The group is due to take an extended period of time out of from touring and recording, and will not be promoting the forthcoming fifth album Made In The A.M., released on November 13th.

Speaking before a recent gig in Glasgow, Tomlinson said that he was looking forward to becoming a father and spending time with the little one during the hiatus. “Yeah it's going to be really nice,” he replied when asked about impending fatherhood.

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