Louis Tomlinson's grandma wears One Direction's perfume.

The 'Little Things' group recently released their new fragrance, Between Us, and it is already a hit with the female members of their families.

Louis said: ''I tell you who is a surprising fan of the fragrance - my grandma. She wears it, which is pretty cute.''

Asked who should wear the fragrance, Harry Styles said: ''I'm gonna say my mum, I feel that's the right answer.''

While they have a fragrance collection, the group are not really ''into'' aftershaves.

Asked who smells the best, Niall Horan said: ''I don't think the rest of the band are into aftershave. I don't even think Harry wears it.''

Louis added: ''I'd probably say Niall. He's just a sweet-looking guy isn't he? I mean, he's irresistible.''

The quartet believe their latest perfume has a more ''grown up'' scent than their previous fragrance.

Louis said: ''It's quite personal for the fans and it's a progression from the last fragrance.''

Liam Payne added: ''This is different from our previous scents, it's more grown-up and evolved, as we and our fans have.''