Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson's song ' Just Hold On' ''needed more energy''.

The 25-year-old One Direction band member partnered with the 39-year-old musician on their latest single, but the electro house expert has admitted the track was originally a ''sad, slow'' song and desperately needed to be uplifted with more ''speed'' and ''energy''.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine about their recent release, the record producer said: ''I didn't want to make an EDM record with an EDM arrangement ... It was really about the lyrics, how to make the lyrics stand out musically on my part.

''When we started out, it was really more of sad, slow song. We needed it more uplifting. We needed to speed it up. We needed more energy to the song ... It's the most human song I've produced.''

And the 'History' hitmaker has praised Steve for his talent as a musician, although the collaboration wouldn't have happened without Calvin Harris who dropped out of his Las Vegas concert, which Steve filled in for.

Louis explained: ''I was on holiday with my friends in Vegas, and we were meant to see Calvin Harris' show ... [My friends and I] had an incredible night at [Steve's show]. It was really, really fun. The show was amazing.''