Love Actually screenwriter/director Richard Curtis was ordered to rework his script for cult British TV show Doctor Who after he handed in his draft to BBC bosses - his story was dismissed as "bad" and "too slow".
The Four Weddings and a Funeral writer was commissioned to create an episode for the sci-fi series but his first attempt was poorly received by TV chiefs, who instructed him to re-write his script.
He says, "I remember I was told, when I first handed in my first draft, the Doctor talked too much and that I should go back and watch some of the episodes and see that actually he was rather efficient in the way that he talked.
"I was told the beginning was too slow... we had a read through with (stars) Karen (Gillan) and Matt (Smith) and I suddenly realised they were right and it was bad. And then I re-wrote it".
But Curtis is adamant he didn't feel bad about the criticism, insisting he enjoyed receiving feedback about his work.
He adds, "It was quite nice because when you're writing things all on your own it's quite lonely, you have to make so many of the decisions on your own. And it was nice being pushed around in the right direction and having a format."
The episode written by Curtis will air in the U.K. on Saturday (05Jun10).