Released this week is a hilarious new action comedy entitled 'Monster Trucks' starring Lucas Till, who you may know as Havok in the 'X-Men' film series. With that in mind, he's probably used to a lot of action on set, so he was glad to get to do more stunt-work on this movie.

Monster TrucksLucas Till stars in 'Monster Trucks'

Directed by the Oscar winning Chris Wedge ('Ice Age', 'Epic'), with a screenplay by Derek Connolly ('Jurassic World') who is set to pen the script for 'Star Wars: Episode IX', the film follows an enterprising high schooler who is building a truck from scrap. 

Nearby, there is an accident at the local oil-drilling site and there unearths an enormous, slimy, tentacled creature who ventures to Tripp's scrapyard. As it happens, he's a benevolent creature who finds a home in Tripp's truck and there they embark on a number of wild and dangerous adventures together, along with Tripp's friend Meredith (Jane Levy). The film also stars Danny Glover, Rob Lowe and Thomas Lennon.

Watch the trailer for 'Monster Trucks' here:


'They let me jump from truck to truck and climb - it was really me doing all this stuff', Lucas Till said in an interview. 'Sliding down the side... all I've got is a wire attached to me to the top of the car, and we're moving at full speed and there's another car that could squash me. They really let me do all that and I'm more than thankful for that. All my childhood dreams have come true.'

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The actor stars in the leading role as Angus MacGyver in CBS adventure series 'MacGyver', and last year he appeared in the films 'X-Men: Apocalypse' and 'The Disappointments Room'. He's also just completed filming on a sci-fi thriller entitled 'Spectrum' which has been directed by John Swetnam.

'Monster Trucks' is released in US theatres today (January 13th 2017).