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Lucky Jim
Our Troubles End Tonight
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Lucky Jim Our Troubles End Tonight Album

Although this album was released back in 2004, the use of the song You're Lovely To Me on the current Kingsmill ad has reignited interest in this singer-songwriter, and the album is set for re-release. With a sound at turns like Blonde on Blonde Dylan, Harry Nilsson, Leonard Cohen, and maybe even Lee Hazlewood, Gordon Grahame (formerly of the long-missed Lost Soul Band) has made an album that could have been released at the end of the 60s, so full of character and rich analogue soul is every song.

Strummed chords, a drop here and there of out of tune organ and trumpet - Our Troubles End Tonight has a mellow core, but is sung with passion and sincerity. If you've fallen in love with that song on the ad, or have a thing for Blonde on Blonde, there is a whole lot more here. Simply excellent (light years ahead of Richard Hawley), and well worth its re-release.


Mike Rea

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