Lucy Hale has been using the coronavirus pandemic to ''play around'' and ''have fun'' with different makeup looks.

The 'Katy Keene' star is currently staying at home amid the global health crisis, and says she's been using her newly found tree time to work on her makeup techniques, including ''mastering'' the popular cat-eye flick, as well as perfecting a smoky eye look.

She said: ''I've been playing around and having fun with makeup. I'm not great with eyeshadow, so I'm always trying to master a smoky eye. I also definitely need to master a cat-eye. I'm not good at that at all.''

Lucy was recently announced as the face of makeup brand Almay - who make products for those with sensitive skin - and as her current filming break means she's not wearing heavy makeup every day, she's also taking the time to allow her own sensitive, acne-prone skin to ''breathe''.

She added: ''Throughout most of my twenties, I had really bad, painful cystic acne, and every once in a while, I still deal with that. It's about letting my skin breathe when I have the time, and finding products like Almay's that I can layer on that my skin likes and agrees with.''

One thing the former 'Pretty Little Liars' star won't be doing during her self-isolation is cutting her own hair, as she's haunted by a hair disaster she had in her teens.

She explained: ''When I was maybe 13, I had baby hairs on my forehead, and I shaved them off. For months, I had a tiny section of bangs that was an inch wide, and there was no way to hide it.''

And Lucy says she also won't be indulging in the extensive bath time rituals other celebrities have been showing off on social media, because she gets ''too claustrophobic'' in the tub.

During an interview with Refinery29, she said: ''I always try to like [bathtubs], but I get too claustrophobic. I'm too anxious to sit still.

''[Instead,] I'll wake up every morning, and before I even touch my phone, I'll sit with my coffee and do my gratitude journal for a couple of minutes. You should start [the day] with what you're grateful for, not comparing your life to others.''