Actress Lucy Lawless was arrested in February this year after she and other activists for Greenpeace illegally boarded an oil-drilling ship at a New Zealand port, preventing it from leaving docks. On Thursday (14th June 2012) she admitted to the crime in court, having no regrets whatsoever for her actions.

Lawless pleaded guilty in an Auckland court to charges of unlawfully being on a ship, purpose-built for drilling for oil, where she was arrested alongside fellow activists. The ship, which was due to be heading for an Arctic destination and owned by Royal Dutch Shell, was home to Lawless and her cohorts for 77 hours until police boarded the ship.

Sentencing for the offence is set to take place in September, and although trespassing carries a possible sentence of three years in prison in New Zealand, the Bedtime Stories actress is convinced that, as a first-time offender, she expected to serve no jail time.

Lawless, a New Zealand native, blogged and Tweeted about her exploits on board the ship whilst she and her fellow activists were camping and remains adamant that the protest had had a positive impact. She has since said that around 470,000 people had supported the action as it took place.