Actress Lucy Liu can add artist to her resume after releasing a book of illustrations exploring Kabbalah.
The Charlie's Angels star has compiled a series of abstract black and white illustrations into an art tome, entitled Lucy Liu: Seventy Two.
The paintings are accompanied by meditations written by Liu and were inspired by a chart of the 72 names of God in Kabbalah, although she admits she's not a follower of the faith.
She tells the Express Tribune, "Meditation is such a wonderful way of connecting to a larger part of yourself that you're not really aware of. I thought there was a connection between what I believe in Eastern philosophy and the Kabbalah mentality.
"The book is about sharing, but you don't want to be intrusive or invasive to other people. I did grow up believing there is something greater than we are, and I think that's that I tapped in to."
But Liu is unsure if she'll produce another tome, adding, "The book changed me, and I love that. This book was very specific only because it had a base and a chart to go off. I would have to find another focus to get me into that place."