The star has teamed up with Ellen Stockbridge, the tailor for her Sherlock Holmes drama Elementary, for Le Roar, which will offer fellow animal lovers safe, non-toxic goods for their furry friends.

Le Roar officially launched on Tuesday (11Aug15) and Liu hopes fans will embrace her new venture.

She says, "I found that there weren't a lot of safe products out there. Some of them had lead zippers and things like that, and they would fall apart after you've spent $300 buying something, or they (dogs) would just rip them apart, so we just decided to make something on our own, just make something adorable, and you can wash it... and it was (all) made in the U.S.A."

Meanwhile, in a statement posted on the Le Roar website, the co-owners write: "Le Roar is the ultimate in gorgeous, high quality pet products... From our hearts to your homes, we've created goods for you and your furry family members that are made with the same level of quality we expect for ourselves."