LATEST: Rapper Ludacris is singing about his feud with media mogul Oprah Winfrey on his new album. The hip-hop star, real name Chris Bridges, appeared on Winfrey's talk show last year (05) to promote his Oscar-winning film CRASH, but instead received a lecture on his controversial song lyrics from the host. The rapper feels the exchange has been exaggerated, but chose to write about the conflict to give people the chance to hear his side of the story. He explains, "I really think it's been blown out of proportion. The media just took it and ran with it. "We don't have a beef or anything. It was more of a disagreement. "The only thing I had a problem with was when the show aired, they took my comments defending myself out and left her comments in. "I have an album coming out and I'm going to explain my side of the story that got edited out. You'll see what I'm saying." Although they may have a difference of opinion when it comes to their musical tastes, Ludacris insists that he still respects the talk show host. He adds, "I love Oprah. I love everything she's done for herself, she motivates me. "I'm not gonna let her have it (on the album), I just want to try and change her views.