Celebrity Big Brother contestant Luisa Zissman has faced some criticism over the holiday period. A holiday snap she posted of her daughter Dixie holding a glass of champagne got some folks online very riled up. After the backlash, Zissman spoke out.

Luisa Zissman, Celebrity Big Brother Launch Night
Luisa sported a flashy red dress on entering the CBB house last Friday.

‘I couldn’t believe the reaction that it got,’ she told The Sun recently. ‘I know I’m a bit crazy but I’m not an idiot and it was just a cute picture. Dixie picked up a glass and said, “What’s this Mummy?””

Zissman defended her parenting skills, saying that she would never let her 3-year-old daughter drink and that the photo was nothing more than a cute pose. ‘I’m from a Mediterranean background and so I have a laid back attitude to alcohol. But she’s three so of course she didn’t actually drink it!’

Luisa Zissman, UK Lingerie Awards
The 26-year-old first rose to prominence as a runner-up on Series Nine of The Apprentice.

The Sun article bears the colorful title “I Don’t Care if Some Fat Troll Has a Go at My Parenting”, although Zissman has already deleted the photo in question. Meanwhile, the reality star has been in headlines fairly often over the past few days, mostly thanks to her revelation that she is bisexual. Zissman made the offhanded comment on Friday, when she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. During her video introduction, Luisa said: ‘I love girls, but I wouldn’t have a relationship with a girl. I’ve been with both guys and girls.’

For some reason that comment has attracted more attention than the bit of the video, where she said: “I’ve got the energy of a Duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit and a brain like Einstein.’

Luisa Zissman
Will Zissman's latest confession win her any fans on Celebrity Big Brother?