Actor Luke Wilson has reportedly emerged victorious in his court battle against an ex-assistant whom he accused of identity theft and fraudulent purchases. A judge awarded the 43 year old Hollywood star a sum of $438,000 in a ruling handed down on Wednesday (July 8th).

Gossip site TMZ reported the verdict, claiming that Wilson believed that ex-employee Charles Lodi racked up over $120,000 in expenses, vacations and luxury items by forging the star’s signature and using his credit cards.

Luke WilsonLuke Wilson has won the court case he brought against his ex-assistant for credit card fraud and identity theft

The drama started when Wilson says he caught Lodi in the act in 2014, whereupon he immediately fired him after three years of working together. Legal documents obtained by the site state that Wilson “trusted Mr. Lodi as his friend, and believed Mr. Lodi had his best interest at heart.” They eventually reached a settlement to drop the matter quietly.

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Lodi agreed to reimburse Wilson to the tune of $75,000 in three instalments, but only paid up $15,000 before fleeing to Utah. At this point, Wilson turned to the legal system in an attempt to recover at least some of his money, plus $135,000 for breach of contract and invasion of privacy.

However, though Wilson has won the ruling, TMZ reports that Lodi has never responded to the lawsuit and cannot be located, so it’s therefore unlikely that the actor will ever actually receive his money.

Former Old School star Wilson, younger brother of Owen, also a big Hollywood star, does at least have a secure income for the next twelve months. He’s due to feature in no less than five movies, all of which will be released in 2015 or early 2016, including The Ridiculous 6 and Dear Eleanor.

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