Scottish pop star Lulu is helping fans find meaningful last minute Christmas presents by sharing her top tips in a new online blog.

The Shout hitmaker, 64, has become a celebrity contributor for and her first feature is all about the season of giving.

In the article, the veteran singer admits she hasn't been as excited about Christmas shopping this year (12) as in previous years, so she's decided to present her nearest and dearest with "gifts that keep on giving".

She writes, "It's fine to give someone a traditional gift like a sweater, perfume, a book. But why not support a company that "pays it forward". Or, purchase a special limited-edition gift from a charity. These are some of my favourite sources for meaningful giving where you can not only shop for the best gifts, but also shop for a better world!"

Lulu goes on to list her 10 favourite causes and products, including an Elton John Aids foundation Candle, jewellery from Falling Whistles, which donates a portion of proceeds to help end the violence in the Congo, and Tom's shoes, where, for each pair purchased, company bosses donate footwear to a child in need.