Scottish singer Lulu fought back tears as she recalled her marriage to Maurice Gibb on a U.K. TV show, admitting they were "two lonely kids" when they wed in 1969.
The Shout hitmaker exchanged vows with the Bee Gees star when she was just 20, and she opened up about their union in Bbc special Lulu - Something To Shout About, which aired in Britain on Saturday (15Oct11).
Lulu insists the marriage was a "fantasy" and she became emotional as she remembered how they bonded because they both felt lonely.
She says, "We were kind of like pop prince and princess - a bit deluded. (Feeling) on top of the world, 'I can do anything, I can make this happen, I can make this work'.
"It was a fantasy. We were two lonely kids, who could totally relate to each other, and thought we could get married and stay married. Not emotionally grown-up in any way shape or form - two little babies, thinking they could play a grown-up game. It was a shame, very sad, very upsetting."
The couple split in 1973 but remained close, and they sang together during a show shortly before Gibb's death in 2003 - and Lulu is pleased she got the chance to perform with her ex-husband, who re-married, one last time.
She adds, "That was tough. He died not long after that and his wife said, 'It was kind of sweet that you did that. You closed the circle.' I struggled with it, but in a way I'm sort of okay with it now."