Lupita Nyong'o doesn't know where to raise her children.

The '12 Years a Slave' actress - who has been single since splitting from rapper K'naan last year - has fond memories of her childhood in Kenya, but also loves her life in New York .

Asked whether she'd prefer to raise her family in America or Africa, she said: ''This is my conundrum. When I was back in Kenya this past week, I would be driving along with my mother and she would say, 'That's a nice school for children' and look at me like...''

However, the 32-year-old star won't worry about making that decision until she finds the person she wants to have children with.

She added in an interview with America's Vogue magazine: ''But I think that will all be determined when I have that moment. When I have that man.''

For the time being, Lupita is content with her low-key life in Brooklyn.

She said: ''I live alone there. I lie quite low. I take the subway. I do yoga. I meditate.''

However, she will always feel ''a child of Kenya''.

She added: ''I definitely feel there's a lot of America in me.

''The idea that you can be self-made is very vibrant in America. You can do anything that you want to do. That spirit pushes you on. But it took me leaving Kenya to really appreciate the glory of the place. Ultimately, I will always be a child of Kenya.''