The Never Too Much star suffered a fatal heart attack on 1 July, 2005 and on Wednesday (01Jul15), the 10th anniversary of his passing, it was announced his estate executors had signed off on a new tribute show led by Vandross' longtime collaborator, Marcus Miller.

The Power of Love Experience - A Tribute to the Life of Luther Vandross, produced with bosses at Hidden Beach Experiences, will be a semi-biographical story in song form, which will tour the U.S. in early 2016.

Hidden Beach Experiences CEO Steve MCKeever says, "With current headlines reminding us that our nation still has deep wounds in need of healing, we cannot think of a more appropriate time to celebrate the power of love - analogous with the life and legacy of Luther Vandross."

Miller adds, "My time with Luther was perhaps my most fulfilling professionally and personally. His power and musical prowess couldn't be denied."

Fans attending the tour will also get to check out memorabilia, old images and videos from Vandross' lengthy career as part of a mobile museum.

The anniversary announcement also included news about the inaugural The Vandross Award for vocal excellence, which will be presented to established and emerging artists in memory of the late singer.