Swedish pop star Lykke Li has apologised to fans for cancelling a pair of California concerts after falling ill.
The Little Bit hitmaker was forced to call off a performance in Santa Barbara on Friday (03Jun11) and another in San Diego on Sunday (05Jun11) after she was struck down with a high fever.
The singer has since taken to her official blog to apologise for letting down her devotees.
Li writes, "Note from sickbed! My deepest sincerest apologies again... Doctor told me I had multiple infections going, sinus as well as my throat as well as my respiratory systems as well as an ear infection and God knows what!
"I am now in bed with instructions to rest my vocal chords (sic) and my soul with nothing else to say but how awfully sorry I am but I simply can't sing right now, can hardly breathe, I am sick, I am human. Please forgive me."
The 25 year old admits she may have overworked herself by booking more shows so soon after hurting her back and scrapping her U.K. tour in April (11).
She adds, "I might have gone at it a bit too soon but you can't control everything in life. I am really truly sorry for not being able to perform for you, you know there is nothing I would love more then belting it out in open air California! I will make it up to you in some form."